Internationale Lean Programme: Global Lean

Global Lean (English): Use Cases

  • You need to design or implement a global Lean Sigma / CI program
  • You need to review, restart a global Lean / CI program due to missing results?
  • You need to define or implement a Global Lean qualification strategy?
  • You need to arrange concurrently, independently running training, certification models (belts, experts, champions, advisors, coaches,…) ?
  • You need to realize boot camps, awareness workshops, global conferences?
  • You require target-group specific coaching or individual coaching?
  • You need to know and consider critical-to-success factors for CI sustainability?

  • You truly want to achieve a Continuous Improvement Culture?

Global Lean

Lean Management Consulting: Erreichung einer CI Kultur

Lean Management Beratung Global Lean Consulting Global CI

Japan Lean Experience JLE

Lean Live für Internationale Gruppen / Senior and executive management

Japan Lean Best Practice Tour with expert coaching

Immerse yourself over one week into the original culture and ways of successful Lean companies inside Japan.
Understand the thinking behind Lean and its successful application across a range of industries. Whether you have already a good understanding of Lean or a complete Novice looking to start implementation, you will leave us with a clearer understanding of how Lean, its methods and its culture can be developed, implemented and sustained within your organization.

Above all, start your thinking towards KAIKAKU.

We believe in order to understand the true meaning of the Japanese Production Methods, its essential to sample the culture. In Toyota, one of the main words used within its organization is Respect. This characteristic is essential at all of the levels within your organization in order to embed the foundations of a culture of Lean.

Within your Japan Tour, we will ensure you experience the ways of the Japanese Culture either through historical, social or everyday local environment ie Shinkansen travelling.

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